Testimonials US

Elodie G., Paris

The sessions with Michèle have given me a lot: they have lightened, strengthened, calmed, and rebuilt me. Michèle was able to adapt them, each time, to my conditions and my needs and I always came out different, centered, grown, calmer, stronger. I am grateful to Michèle for her professionalism, her quality of listening and her ability to reveal the potential…

Héloïse R., Paris

I met Michele through a friend because I tried to quit smoking for years. Following my sessions I no longer desired to smoke. This was important for me and this work on myself was a pleasant journey. The work done with Michele is more than just getting rid of a toxic behavior, it is a time to pause and achieve…

Dora M., Paris

I wanted to write to you to tell you that I sleep much better, I breathe deeply , and I feel great now . Thanks to you , I am finally able to move forward , regain lightness and spend more time with my loved ones. You give me confidence to try or even change things. Thank you!

Virginie G., Bordeaux

I met Michele, an excellent therapist and above all a beautiful person who changed my life in many areas! After just one session, I have gained more confidence in myself, better self esteem. I have seen a lot of changes in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dary R., Los Angeles

Michele Darmon helped me so much with her sessions. I feel more in control, my weight started to melt away. I highly recommend Michele‘s hypnotherapy methods. Thank you!